Specialty Drinks

Drinks served 5 pm - 2 am / Served with delicious ingredients and perfectly combined liquors to satisfied your tastebuds.


Drink of the Day

Come in and taste something new and delicious. Bartenders research new recipes and provide them daily to our wonderful patrons. 



Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters.



Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, and Lime.



Rum, Simple Syrup, and Lime.


Moscow Mule

Vodka, Ginger Beer, and Lime.


Not Your Ex

Gin, Ginger Beer, Lemon, and Simple Syrup.


Damn Good

Coconut Rum, Melon Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Banana Liqueur, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine.


The Crush

Whipped Cream Vodka, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, and Lemon/Lime Soda.


Ruby Soho

Whiskey, Amaretto, Sweet and Sour Cherries.



Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Lemon/Lime Soda, and Pineapple Juice.


Lunch Break

Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Light Beer, and Orange Juice.


Liquid Marijuana

Spiced Rum, Coconut Rum, Melon Liqueur, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Sweet and Sour.


Bartender's Choice

Let us choose a drink for you!


Drinks served 5 pm - 2 am / With a constant revolving inventory and stock we strive to provide you a variety of decadent wines. Contact Us to hear of current wine brands in stock.  




White Zinfadel

Pinot Grigio



Non Alcoholic

We are constantly trying to keep our Menu fresh and have a variety of fountain drinks circling in rotation. Contact Us to see what we have on special. 



Diet Coke


Red Bull

Apple Juice

Pineapple Juice

Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

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